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we love our planet

Check out some initiatives we have undertaken to make our Earth a greener place.

recycling program

In an effort to help keep our planet green we offer recycling bins at each of our 7 cafe locations and encourage our customers to recycle Olivers cups and lids. Please be kind to our planet.

grounds for the ground

We give away used grounds for your garden absolutely free of charge – Just ask one of our lovely baristas! The same coffee that went into your delicious beverage want to infuse your garden with nutrients, just ask for a free bucket next time you are at one of our 7 locations.

travel mug discount

To reduce paper cups we offer a 10 cent discount when customers use their travel mugs to fill up with a beverage of their choice. Save money & help protect our environment by using your travel mug each time you purchase a drink from Olivers.

don’t have a travel mug?

You can purchase one of our cool travel mugs for $20 at a location nearest you. Choose from black, purple, turqoise or green.


glass tea diffusers

Choose one of our trendy new Glass Tea Diffusers for $20.

Plus receive a FREE coffee card with any travel mug.